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Sir John A. Macdonald: 200th Anniversary

Books & Archives

Welcome to the Documentation and Archives Centre’s page
of The Canadian Heritage of Quebec

The brand new Documentation and Archives Centre (the “Centre”) of The Canadian Heritage of Quebec (“CHQ”) which is located on the ground floor of the Hurtubise House, magnificent heritage home of nearly three centuries, houses a collection of old and rare books on the history of Canada, Québec and Montréal, heritage and architecture.

The Centre holds hundreds of documents in French and English: monographs, periodicals, newspaper articles, maps and plans, as well as a collection of artifacts which bring to life several important chapters of our history.

Open books on our rich heritage

The Centre is open to professionals as well as students, researchers, teachers, historians, genealogists and anyone who is passionate about history and heritage. CHQ is pleased to make some unique documents of its collections accessible,
only available for on-site consultation
, at the Hurtubise House, 563 Côte-Saint-Antoine (corner Victoria) in Westmount, between subway stations Villa-Maria and Vendôme.

Documents for consultation

The consultation room of the Centre can be accessed by appointment only. If you wish to make an appointment for consultation of our documents, please send your request by email to with your full name, coordinates and research subject. You should get an appointment within a few days, all depending on availabilities and volunteer resources.

In order to protect our documents, all visitors to the Centre must follow certain rules. Please take note of these rules before contacting us. As all documents are copyright protected, there are particular requirements for copying and/or distribution of information.

The Centre’s documents

These documents are classified in two main categories; the library and the archives. The library houses the integral collection of books covering the XVII to the XXI century whereas the archives consist of a collection of various documents on our history.

Documents for sale

During the year, the public will be able to purchase some of our documents at a reasonable price. Revenues from these sales will be used to fund CHQ’s conservation activities.

To view the list of our documents and publications which are for sale, please click on the following link: List of documents for sale.

Support CHQ’s Documentation and Archives Centre

CHQ is a non-profit and non-government organization which carries its mission for conservation with donations from the public. By giving to CHQ, you will also support its conservation and outreach activities while having access to certain benefits. Charitable donation receipts are also issued to donors.

For more information on how to support CHQ, please click on the link “Membership” on our webpage or contact us by email at: