The Canadian Heritage of Quebec: 2015 Milestones

Sir John A. Macdonald: 200th Anniversary

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Friends of CHQ can be proud in supporting the preservation and protection of lands and buildings of beauty or historic interest in the Province of Quebec.

This year, CHQ has marked the 55th anniversary of its official establishment in 1960. On October 1st, our donors and partners were invited to a private cocktail at the Hurtubise House. CHQ’s roots date back to 1956 when its founders bought the Hurtubise House to save it from demolition and 2016 will mark six decades of its conservation. .

The years 1956 and 1960 represent two key moments in CHQ’s history and, consequently, we have decided to give our generous donors some benefits according to the level of their donation. You will find enclosed a table showing these benefits. Members-Advantages-2017. Please note that three special conferences on different topics of interest will take place in 2016. They are reserved to CHQ’s members.

Friends receive annual Newsletters, can rent or visit many of our properties and can contribute in a variety of ways as volunteers or experts in their field. (Why and How to Support CHQ)

How to become a Friend of CHQ:

To apply to be a Friend, simply download and print the form below, and mail to The Canadian Heritage of Quebec at the address indicated. You can also press the paypal button above.

For any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us by email at or call (514) 393-1417.

Please note that CHQ by-laws require memberships to be approved by the Board.

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