The Canadian Heritage of Quebec: 2015 Milestones

Sir John A. Macdonald: 200th Anniversary

Why and How to support CHQ

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Your support is important for the success of our mission

The Canadian Heritage of Quebec (CHQ) is a national non-profit charitable organization, dedicated to the preservation of buildings and heritage sites of historical or natural interest in Quebec. CHQ does not receive any grant for its annual operation but it does benefit from financial support from government institutions for some of its major restoration projects.

CHQ’s activities have been financed through donations from friends, the public and private foundations which are also involved in the heritage fields. Rental and entrance fees to some of our properties allow us to generate annual revenues.

CHQ is also involved at different levels in the areas of preservation in Quebec, namely:

  • in the preservation, maintenance and renovation of heritage buildings and sites;
  • in the accomplishment of major restoration projects of heritage buildings;
  • in the development and promotion of heritage properties;
  • in the preservation of various artifacts;
  • in the preservation of a beautiful collection of model boats which had navigated on the St. Lawrence River;
  • in the research and filing of information on our collection of antiques and artifacts;
  • in the historical and archeological research on our heritage buildings and sites;
  • in the research and archiving of know-how techniques on immaterial heritage related to our properties;
  • in the achievement of exhibitions on our collection of properties, antiques and artifacts and also elements from our immaterial heritage.

In the years to come, CHQ’s goal is to pursue its mission and increase its activities, more specifically in the areas of research and development, put more emphasis on heritage, the constitution of archives, exhibitions, etc. In order to reach our goal, we need your financial support.

You can support our mission by making a donation through the following link formulaire_ang. or by contacting us through email at The years 1956 and 1960 represent two key moments in CHQ’s history and, consequently, we have decided to give our generous donors some benefits according to the level of their donation. You will find enclosed a table showing these benefits.Members-Advantages-2017 . Please note that three special conferences on different topics of interest will take place in 2016. They are reserved to CHQ’s members.

Official receipts for income tax purposes are issued for all donations (108075292 RR0001).

The staff and volunteers of CHQ are grateful for your support.