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HCQ Library: Books & Archives on the Internet

The Canadian Heritage of Quebec’s 2017 summer launch took place on 21 June 2017 and about 40 guests attended this 5 à 7. The Executive Director gave a speech to welcome CHQ’s members and partners and to inaugurate two small exhibitions for the 150th anniversary of Confederation and 375th anniversary of Montreal and also the new library and patrimonial gardens.

Those attending were very interested by the exhibitions, particularly the archives collection of Collard, Collins and Dawson and the library with its books from the XVII to the XXI century. A list of these documents and archives is now available online on CHQ’s website under the tab “Books and Archives”. Users will also find the guidelines for consultation.

Since August, CHQ is organizing open houses at the Hurtubise House and this event will continue this fall. For information:

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