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The Seigneurial Mill of Les Éboulements

Les-EboulementsBuilt around 1790, this building has changed very little over the past 220 years, despite the fact that the property was subdivided in the early twentieth century and sold to different owners over the years. Of all seigneurial mills built in Quebec, few have retained their functions and mechanisms. The Seigneurial Mill of Les Éboulements is one of these rare examples.

In 1962, the Canadian Heritage of Quebec became the owner of the mill and its outbuildings. In the 80’s, the mill was fully restored and, in 1993, it was opened to the public as a fully functional operating mill that produces stone-ground wholemeal flour. The St. Nicholas Processional Church, classified as a heritage building by the MCC, is located at the entrance of the property. The building was originally built in the village of St. Nicolas (today Lévis) and was saved from demolition when it was donated to CHQ. It was then moved to this site. In 2009 and later in 2012, the roof and walls of the mill were restored. This restoration project was jointly funded by CHQ and the MCC. In 2010, the seigneurial mill and its outbuildings were designated as a heritage site by the municipality.

The mill is located at the western entrance of the village of Les Éboulements, just east of Baie-Saint-Paul. Guided tours are offered at a minimal cost and visitors can see the mill’s gears and its wheels in action as the miller grinds the grain. Wheat and buckwheat flour are sold on the premises. Sales revenues help to keep the mill in operation and ensure accessibility to the site.

How to get there

The mill is located about 100 kilometres east of Quebec City on the North Shore. In Quebec take the Autoroute de la Capitale (Route 40). This runs directly in to Route 138 which will take you to Baie St. Paul. From Baie St. Paul the shortest route is to go through the town and take highway 362 which follows the coast. The Mill is located at the west end of Les Eboulements exactly 16.5 kilometres east of Baie St. Paul church. If proceeding eastward the road to the Mill is located on the right just before you cross the Riviere du Moulin. If you pass either the road to St Joseph de la Rive or the Motel de nos Aieux you have gone a little too far.

If you are approaching the Mill from the east, take Highway 138 to Murray Bay but when you cross the bridge in Murray Bay turn left and follow highway 362 through Pointe a Pic. Go up over the hill past the Manoir Richelieu, down the long steep hill through St. Irene and on to Les Eboulements. Just past the bridge over the Riviere du Moulin turn left and you will see the mill ahead of you. This turn-off is 25.5 kilometres past Pointe a Pic and exactly 1.6 kilometres past the church in Les Eboulements.

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