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TadoussacThis building is one of three houses built in the 1860’s, by John Evan Price, along the north side of the road leading up from the Tadoussac village wharf at l’Anse-à-l’Eau. Only two of the houses remain. When they were built, the economy of Tadoussac was undergoing fundamental changes. The Price Company’s sawmill had closed in 1848 when local wood resources had been exhausted, and the industry moved further up the Saguenay River. The Municipality of Tadoussac was beginning to rely on the fast-growing tourism sector.

The houses were originally covered with board and batten. The Tadoussac Protestant Chapel, built around the same time, retains this type of cladding. After the turn of the century, the board and batten were covered with brick and a small extension was added.

The house was donated to CHQ in 1991 and for several years it has hosted a maritime exhibit highlighting the history of Tadoussac as a port and shipbuilding center, honoring the captains and sailors of the region.

Today, the property can be rented as a holiday summer house for families or small groups.

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Name: Molson-Beattie House

Location/Civic Address: 145, Bateau-Passeur

Municipality: Tadoussac, Quebec


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